My New Mario Game!

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Hey guys! I am making a new Mario game! It’s called “New Super Mega World”! Come and see some screenshots of it on the “Screenshots” page!


Jurassic Fight Club Rules!!!

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You guys should really watch Jurassic Fight Club, It’s Frieken Awesome!!!!!!!! Ill have a page about it with videos! and episodes!!!!!!!

I have a NERF Blog!

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If you love NERF like me then you will love my NERF blog. It will have NERF videos with awesome Wars, Mods, My Ads, and Reviews, Firing Tests, Comparisons, Upadated Arsenals and more and More! Just go to or click on this link:

my youtube channel!!!!#1

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My Son Pinocchio

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Today I saw an awesome play at the Marcus theatre called: My Son Pinocchio.Like I said IT WAS AWESOME!!! It was about a toymaker named Geppeto who wants a son instead of a puppet so the blue fairy makes pinocchio come to life and he runs away when he hears Geppeto tell the fairy


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I HATE DISNEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

•August 4, 2010 • 1 Comment

Disney has totally ruined Club Penguin!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now you have to be a member to even play level 2 on Jet Pack Adveture!! You have to be a member to pass level 5 0n Astro Berrier!! I could just explode because of how dumb Disney has made Club Penguin!! Never support Disney, they are the worst!! Club Penguin use to have an artist who didn’t have bad taste,now the new artist try’s to make everythig all cutsie wootsie snuggle bear!! The next thing you know youre going to have to have a name that has something to do with flowers and you’ll have to a bow on your’e head!!!!!!!!!!!